Build content-rich barcodes, QR codes, and labels for display or print right in ServiceNow!

Yansa's Barcode & QR Code Generator allows anyone to build beautiful, content-rich barcodes & labels in ServiceNow using a simple, point-and-click interface.

Enterprises use ServiceNow as the source-of-truth for everything from Assets to Users. Barcode & QR Code Generator empowers you to more easily catalog and tag those pieces of data with barcodes, QR codes, and rich-text labels

Barcode & QR Code Generator dynamically builds labels from content on any ServiceNow table, rendering it on forms & pages, or printing it to a connected device.

Power processes including:

  • Asset management & labeling

  • Smart locker & remote entry

  • Coupon & promotional emails

Barcode & QR Code generation occurs natively within ServiceNow, with no external dependencies or requirements.

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